Finding yourself again
There’s something missing,
You don’t know what it is and you don’t know how to fix it!

Being able to connect to more of who you really are!


Ease into your journey

Find your true nature and remember what it feels like to be connected and full of Joy!

50 Minute Workshop

Dive Deeper into your journey

Find that something that has been missing and understand more about who you are!

12 x 90 mins Group Coaching

Find the
REal you

I found the me I don’t always let out

Petra has been the perfect guide

"Petra helped me find the real me. The me I want to be all of the time. The me I really am inside. The me I don't always let out because I've covered her up with responsibility, scarce beliefs, and feeling stressed.

I'm normally a fairly closed person, but I instantly felt at ease with Petra and thoroughly enjoyed talking to her on our calls.

If you want to understand yourself better, what makes you tick, how to break through limiting beliefs, and gain clarity, Petra is your gal. She's knowledgeable, kind, intuitive, and a pleasure to work with.."

~Laura Pettit

I’m Petra, Mama of 3, wife, entrepreneur, Women’s Empowerment Coach, and all the other things we are needing to be in the world today.

I see how many women are burning out and feeling not enough especially when it comes to being there for our kids. The other things that gives is our marriages and our passions with our work. 

All of this is sacrificed because we are not tuning into our powers, we are just “getting at ‘er”… as in tackling the to do list from early morning til we pass out.

Time to care for yourself! Often we don’t do this until something is noticeably wrong, don’t wait that long. The journey with me is fun, is adds so much value to your life and you grow as a woman which makes your current life so much more fulfilling.


Womens Empowerment Coach

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You've been wondering

What it is that you need? Something just isn’t right and you don’t know where to start?

Get started with some you time!

As busy women we don’t often take that time unless we’ve hit rock bottom – don’t allow that for yourself.

These FREE & quick rituals are here for you to start your selfcare easily with only 5 minutes a day!