Customized for your True Self

Programs and services for you to choose when you need

Select any of the services below to get started!

Customized Meditation


You’re looking for something specific to your needs and you want to have a way to meditate that means something to you. You’ll fill out a google form then I will tune into your energy and record a channeled meditation for you and your goals.

Work out partner $89/hr.

3 months PIF $2000.00

Meet me at the gym  2 times a week – I am your accountability partner. You can do your own workout, you can do my workout, you can ask me anything you want but I will not count your reps  – I’m there to keep it fun and effective. (3 month commitment – pay in advance – no returns).

Healing Session


You need some relief and want energy work. I will do a distance session for you.  I use different modalities (body talk, reiki, intuitive healing, chakra cleansing …and so on).  

1:1 Biz & Personal Growth Coaching

$ 3,500.00 in full

You want to have someone lean in on your biz and really understand it AND you want to continue to understand what it means in your personal life. I offer 1:1 calls/weekly and office hour voxer to coach you along. 3 month commitment.


A fun and sacred space where rituals and tools are taught for you to use the tools effectively.


Receive fun, gold thread affirmation tattoos as a special gift to add to your empowering tools so that you can be reminded of your inner power.

Free Resources

Free tools to help you start your growth journey. Find short practices so that you can re-center yourself, find calm and be able to move on with your day feeling good. You can pick from 11 different meditations , which ever one calls you. OR there are prompts and poses that are given to  you as a 5 minute practice. 

Design your own journey

When your life is busy or your feeling vulnerable it can be easier to customize your journey! I’m here for you.