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Soak in deep connection
with yourself and your
partner even after
having kids!

Drench yourself in a deeper connection to yourself and your parnter

Just like water, holding the intrinsic value of your relationship will show you who you are…

Journey into the  awe-evoking waters

>> for self hydration, fulfillment, love and uncovering

>> cleanse away impurities within yourself and  your relationship

>> fluid so you can circulate your energy, hold it and protect it

>> flow towards healing and togetherness in your relationship


I’m Petra, Mama of 3, wife, entrepreneur, Women’s Embodiment Guide, and all the other things we are needing to be in the world today.
I see how many women are burning out and feeling not enough especially when it comes to being there for our kids. The other things that gives is our marriages and our passions with our work.
All of this is sacrificed because we are not tuning into our powers, we are just “getting at ‘er”… as in tackling the to do list from early morning til we pass out.
I’ve been guided to share this program as it relates to water. There is power in understanding our connection with water and how it can be a metaphor for who we are to our core and how it influences our relationship even after having kids.


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