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Your daily grounding tools

A 28 Day Calendar of tools to help you stay connected to calm & clarity so that you can be on your A game, and nothing/no one can take away from you.

Empowering Tools

28 Empowering Tools

28 Daily tools that give you something specific to use for your intention of staying focused and a action plan calendar


4 specially designed rituals for a fun way to integrate self care into your day.



Receive fun, gold thread affirmation tattoos as a special gift to add to your empowering tools so that you can be reminded of your inner power.

Empowering tools
Empowered Woman


Your daily grounding tools

Using a tool everyday to stay connected to the calm & clear mind that you’ve created.

"As a mom and business owner trying to get used to having my kids home with me 24/7, I have found it challenging to be present or take time for myself. Even if I do have time to myself, I'll spend it working or thinking about work. Petra's daily tools have really helped take a moment and do something for myself that I never would have thought of doing.

These simple daily tasks calm my mind allowing me to really be present when I need be. I can't wait to continue through the month."

~Monika Larson

I’m Petra, Mama of 3, wife, entrepreneur, Women’s Empowerment Coach, and all the other things we are needing to be in the world today.

Do you know what that inner power feels like, is your happy go lucky self able to shine in your mom, wife and entrepreneurial life?

I know what it is like to be passionate and excited about something and then suddenly it “is swept away from you.”

Truth is we give our power and energy away, and I would like to help you with this. It is fun learning how to become resilient and sustain that energy of ours that feels so powerful you just have to know how and MAKE THE TIME! Follow these tools to get a routine going and then come on over to the Women’s Spirit Boutique Facebook group where I teach how to do the breath work & rituals and even host live events around them so that we can support one another.


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Love your life

Empowering Tools

There is no reason you can’t feel amazing about being a mom, a partner, an entrepreneur and feel alive doing it all! It is time to care for you, your insides and your outsides and sink a little deeper into you brilliant life!