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Tap into your Joy

A FREE workshop journey exploring joy and
bringing it into your everyday mom  life.

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February 23, 24 & 25, 2020 @1:00 pm PST

Feeling “meh” in your life leaves you uninspired and kinda depressed. Not anymore mama! Time to redefine Joy and allow it to be part of your everyday life.

You have a vision of the woman you are

And You Want Her to Show Up

When you don’t know how to be present, to slow down, see the beauty that your life is giving you then it is time to focus in on Joy! But maybe you don’t think it is there for you? Maybe it ‘s gone?

“I did the workshop with Petra and you guys it was mind blowing!! I was able to visualize the woman that I strive to be and really get in touch with who she is!”

~Lorena Hixson

Day 1

Feb. 23rd 1pm PST

 Understand the conditions of your Joy, and find acceptance of and discover what Joy means to you.

Day 2

Feb 24th 1pm PST

Understand what your standard emotional state is (what you are usually feeling), discover how far away that feeling is from your joy, and find and learn to be an observer of that emotion.

Day 3

Feb 25th 1pm PST

Discover how to get closer to the joy that you wish for in your life so that you feel full, learn techniques to sustain a new standard of emotional state.

I’m Petra, Mama of 3, wife, entrepreneur, Women’s Empowerment Coach, and all the other things we are needing to be in the world today. I see how many women are burning out and feeling not enough especially when it comes to being there for our kids. The other things that gives is our marriages and our passions with our work. All of this is sacrificed because we are not tuning into our powers, we are just “getting at ‘er”… as in tackling the to do list from early morning til we pass out. Time to get back in touch with what Joy means for you. How to have it in your life and keep it in your life so that you are loving your creations, appreciate the days and have the know how to get back to feeling full bringing your whole, vibrant amazing self to your kids, partner and work.


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If you are asking your self “why is my joy important?” then it would be extremely important that you come to this 3 day immersion into claiming a piece of you that you deserve to have back!