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Learn exactly how to find yourself again, gain unprecedented levels of self trust and use it all as a mom to stay calm and centered in way that you feel proud of. 

Reconnect with and embody your true self, building a strong sense of identity and purpose in life – both inside and outside of the family dynamic

Anchor into the calm, grounded, compassionate, solutions-focused, highest version of yourself, no matter what the kids, your partner, or life is throwing your way

Make choices that align with your ideal self and achieve optimal wellness for mind, body and soul

Regulate your nervous system and emotions, with an innate ability to process and release the projections of others so you can respond thoughtfully, not knee-jerk react

Be the best version of you on a day to day basis in a way that feels easy and fun

Identify what you want out of life and who you want to become, for both this season of life and the next, and understand how to get intentional about it


Hey, I’m Petra! And I know first hand that emotional growth can and will unlock your potentialI help overwhelmed, soul-led moms to connect to their purpose, reclaim their identity, and experience the fullness of who you are. 

I see you because I was you. Exhausted, overwhelmed, and disconnected from
who I truly was following years of self-sacrifice and trying to balance it all. Unhealthy coping mechanisms? I knew them well. Binging Netflix became my escape, and it only further eroded my power. It felt like time was slipping away before my eyes, completely out of my control, and without becoming the woman I knew I could be.

I woke up one day, just shy of my 40th birthday, sick of feeling like I was in the passenger seat of my own life, and said: “screw this.” 
Since giving myself permission to invest in my growth journey and soul connection,  everything changed

Over the past decade, I’ve been around the world learning the most powerful self-awakening tools, from walking on hot coals beside Tony Robbins to visiting a Shaman in Costa Rica and spending over 3000 days in daily meditation. 
From my renewed place of power, I built a successful fitness business, ran yoga retreats, and overcame some of life’s most significant hurdles, all while igniting the practice of being a present and connected Mom of three, as well as a woman with her own identity. 

Now, leveraging my decades of wisdom and gifts spanning the spiritual, wellness, coaching, and psychic realms, I help you to know your true self, step into your power and presence, and create your life in a way that feels intentional and purposeful.