Bring your trueself to the front of your life

so that your best self is shining through…not the fear

6 weeks, 1.5 hrs. live, group workshopping & coaching with me on zoom


You want to feel like you again

But don’t know what you’re looking for

You’ve landed here after saying to yourself “I need something!”

So did the women in the video below, watch now:
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a fun way for me to dive deeper

Eye-opening for me

Petra has been the perfect guide!

“I’ve found clarity and insights so I don’t ‘default’ to the frustrated, upset, or selfish tendencies when I’m in stressful situations that aren’t the true me.”

~Laura Pettit


6×90 mins workshop-style zoom calls, your spotlight guidebook, live support,  soothing healings & meditations & 1-1  wrap up session

Reviews from Women of the spirit Boutique

Everyone found connection and something they didn’t expect

Your truest self

And let it be part of your lifestyle

Petra’s a caring and intuitive guide

"I love working with Petra and have experienced so much personal growth from our coaching relationship. She makes the work of connecting with your highest self and uncovering the parts out of alignment with who you are and/or who you want to be fun.

Petra’s a caring and intuitive guide. Her meditations are powerful. Together she led me to connect to the energies, feelings and sensations of my truest, highest self. I was able to really feel and embody the truest version of myself.."

~Melissa DeJoseph

Your True self is well and alive!

The voices in your head don’t need to take center stage when you understand more about your trueself. Let’s take the journey!