See you inside the Spirit Model Workshop

Soon you’ll receive an email from me with a zoom link to our meeting place for the workshop.

Get to know your truest self

In this 50 minute workshop you will:

In a zoom room, Dec 11th 2020 1pm PST

> understand how to be more present and connected
> have a renewed sense of self
> uncover parts of yourself that are out of alignment with your truest self
> embody the truest version of you
> remember who you really are
> feeling empowered, in control and radiant
> a mindset shift to feel freedom and Joy

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I am so happy that you have decided that you can do something about feeling overwhelmed. 

Practicing your prompts & poses and having a calendar to remind you to slow down and get centered is the beginning of feeling like you again.

I can’t wait to send you these gorgeous gold threaded affirmation tattoos, that you can have fun with, as a way to remind yourself who you really are ~ An Amazing Woman!

Go right away to look for my email (may be in your promotions area) asking for your address so that I can send you your bonus!

Blessings Mama,

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