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Start the journey below with my gift to you!

5 daily guided practices of a journal prompt, a yoga pose and a guided meditation.

Prompts & poses


Add you into your busy schedule
Start including self-care into each day so that you love the life you created and don’t resent how you spent your time.
"This year has weighed on me – just like you, I'm sure. I've found that just 5 minutes each day to center myself gives me more calm and clarity to show up as a better version of myself daily. My guide is women's empowerment coach, Petra MacDougall.

Run and grab this new (and free) 5 day prompts & poses for 5 minute meditations! It will change your day."
Women Empowered
Alli McAuley


If you are feeling mom guilt, or overwhelm, or need to find clarity for the direction for you life or business you can start here to built a routine into your day where you get grounded and centered.

Journal Prompt

You receive a journal prompt by email to move you into the days practice of self care.

Yoga Pose

With the audio you are guided into a position to find yourself a moment of stillness.


In 5 minutes you can shift from feeling resentful, guilty, tired and scattered to calm and clear.

I’m Petra, Mama of 3, wife, entrepreneur, Women’s Empowerment Coach, and all the other things we are needing to be in the world today.

I see how many women are burning out and feeling not enough especially when it comes to being there for our kids. The other things that gives is our marriages and our passions with our work. 

All of this is sacrificed because we are not tuning into our powers, we are just “getting at ‘er”… as in tackling the to do list from early morning til we pass out.

Time to care for yourself! It won’t take much. In my 5 minute meditations I help you sink into yourself, feel a little and acknowledge your deep connection with how you really are. And when you take time to do that you can show up in the world the way you always envisioned yourself to be: powerful because you are feeling calm and clear and you can give so much love it energizes you!

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Womens Empowerment Coach

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Calm and clarity equals Quality time!

There is no reason you can’t feel amazing about being a mom, a partner, an entrepreneur and feel alive doing it all! It is time to care for you, your insides and your outsides and sink a little deeper into you brilliant life!