They found themselves

Inside the
Women's Spirit Boutique


FInd more meaning in life

I found an extraordinary piece of me!

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Petra changed my life!

“I didn’t know what to look for but I knew I wanted to do something. I needed to feel again. When Petra appeared in front of me I recognized I needed the Women’s Spirit Boutique.  Funny thing is I was afraid it would be too “woo woo” and the thing I loved the most is that Petra took me “to another world” every time we met where I could discover myself.

If you feel like something is missing and you’re ready for self discovery toward happiness, I say “Take the leap!”

~Alli McAuley

Explore more of who you are

I know more about myself now

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Petra’s gave me a save space to try something new

"I have been looking for direction in my life, I felt crazy, and then just accepted that until I found the Women's Spirit Boutique."

The Boutique gave me a way to explore more of myself that I didn't know was there.

I felt like I had a saver space with the boutique than I have ever had in person.

I am using what I've learned as my ultimate form of self care."

~Tessa Eftimiades

Your SPirits

I was able to connect with my authentic self

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Petra’s holds a space where you can go deep

"I lost my papa and needed something to help me with my grief all the while knowing I wanted to do inner work. The Women's Spirit Boutique arrived just in time.."

I was able to be mindful of my emotions and how I managed them while going through grief.

We were able go deep and vulnerable inside with the group of women and it felt so safe.

Being a mom, Petra makes it easy for anyone to join and do the work".

~Joelle Lane

to yourself

I went to places I wouldn’t have on my own

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Petra held our hands through the discovery process

"I lost the sense of myself and had a hugely difficult year after losing my dad. I felt disconnected from myself and others. I felt like I was just wandering.

The Women's Spirit Boutique showed up as an opportunity to stop wandering."

The small group was perfect for me to work through hard things and it was great to have Petra there to hold our hands."

~Summer Sides

Fill the void

I found myself!

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Petra was always there to support me!

“I thought that by me being a mom, wife and entrepreneur that the void will be filled. I always wondered “where did Tianna go?” With the Women’s Spirit Boutique I found who I was, am and who I wanna be!


I never know what the day is going to bring with all my children but Petra was great about it and always found a way to support me, I never felt alone.


The experience has left me with a speechless feeling. It’s powerful and you won’t be disappointed!”

~Tianna Maxwell-Jemeison

Your truest self

And let it be part of your lifestyle

Petra’s a caring and intuitive guide

"I love working with Petra and have experienced so much personal growth from our coaching relationship.

She makes the work of connecting with your highest self and uncovering the parts out of alignment with who you are and/or who you want to be fun.

Petra’s a caring and intuitive guide. Her meditations are powerful. Together she led me to connect to the energies, feelings and sensations of my truest, highest self. I was able to really feel and embody the truest version of myself."

~Melissa DeJoseph

Find Space
for myself

I found time and attention for myself

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Petra’s a gentle guide who ‘ll hold you up & elevate you

"I needed space for myself because I wasn't experiencing the joy in my life that I wanted.

The Women's Spirit Boutique allowed me to find an opening with in me that allowed me to feel again. The experience changed my mindset where I could understand my inner voices.

Now I am able to be compassionate with myself since I give myself the time that I usually give every one else.

This work is integral."

~Danée Marie Lambourne

a fun way for me to dive deeper

Eye-opening for me

Petra has been the perfect guide!

“This course was such a fun way for me to dive deeper into the parts of me I love and the parts I don’t love quite as much. It helped me see how all of these parts are important and each play a necessary role in my life.

Petra has been the perfect guide to help me think through this.

As I’ve spent time thinking and journaling, I’ve found clarity and insights so I don’t “default” to the frustrated, upset, or selfish tendencies when I’m in stressful situations that aren’t the true me.”

~Laura Pettit

Be guided Positively

I feel in control of my mind

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Petra showed up when I acknowledged to the universe that I needed something

"I retired and was in denial. I was just spinning my wheels with all the new changes and it left me feeling negative"

Petra has set up the Women's Spirit Boutique in a way that makes it easy to jump in , and offers a space to explore who you are.

I didn't want to be unhappy for the rest of my life I wanted to find the chance to find happiness.

Petra helped me let go of an idea that I had crazy voices in my head and I broke through in understanding that I am OK!

Are you open to exploring a part of you that you might be avoiding, do it with Petra, you can trust her.

~Kim Poitras

You know you've needed something!

Are you feeling a “yes, maybe this could be it!”

Don’t ignore it you’ve got nothing to lose.

I am here for you.