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You want to feel like you again

But don’t know what you’re looking for

You’ve landed here after saying to yourself “I need something!”

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The Women’s Spirit Boutique by Petra

A 12-week group coaching journey of journaling
workshops and self discovery with like minded women!

Women's Empowerment

I’m Petra, Mama of 3, wife, entrepreneur, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Founder of the Women’s Spirit Boutique, & all the other things we are needing to be in the world today.

I see how many women are burning out and feeling not enough especially when it comes to being there for our kids. The other things that gives is our marriages and our passions with our work. 

All of this is sacrificed because we are not tuning into our powers, we are just “getting at ‘er”… as in tackling the to do list from early morning til we pass out.

Time to care for yourself! Often we don’t do this until something is noticeably wrong, don’t wait that long. The journey with me is fun, is adds so much value to your life and you grow as a woman which makes your current life so much more fulfilling. I hope you’ll join me in the Spirit Boutique.

Your truest self

And let it be part of your lifestyle

Petra’s a caring and intuitive guide

"I love working with Petra and have experienced so much personal growth from our coaching relationship. She makes the work of connecting with your highest self and uncovering the parts out of alignment with who you are and/or who you want to be fun.

Petra’s a caring and intuitive guide. Her meditations are powerful. Together she led me to connect to the energies, feelings and sensations of my truest, highest self. I was able to really feel and embody the truest version of myself.."

~Melissa DeJoseph

Women's Spirit Boutique

Journey away from chaos and towards clear guidance

WEEK 1: 

Discover what makes you unique:

Exploring free writing, Finding tones/vibes, P.O.V., language

WEEK 2: 

Recognize and have fun with who you are:

Continuing with more free write , Meeting characters, Playing with how you embody your characters

WEEK 3: 

Awaken to how you show up:

Expanding with free write, Understanding specific triggers /speak to cycles (bonus – as a trigger), Seeing the mirrors, Learning about projections

WEEK 4: 

Profess your go to’s:

Detecting your go tos, Making space for new go tos

WEEK 5: 

Explore your emotional range:

Understanding the emotional scale: what it is, where your characters lie, Learning about vibration and dimension and how each emotion in involved (find examples)

WEEK 6: 

Accept and Honor where you’re at:

Revisiting free writing, Grasping the “physical energetic self” and how to stand in it (observer), Hearing each character , Unveiling belief systems & origins

WEEK 7: 

Set yourself up for change:

Learning compassion for characters, Rituals to embrace characters

WEEK 8: 

Meet & Embody your highest self/Spirit Model:

Experiencing your joy, Living in a moment of connection, Acknowledging your highest self – learning how to connect with your intuition

WEEK 9: 

Find Forgiveness and Face Vulnerability:

Inviting a reunion of Spirit Model and Characters, finding love and forgiveness for a sacred union, teaching the characters how to call on their guide (SM), Receiving intuitive tools

WEEK 10: 

Integrate and learn how to live in your Spirit Model’s energy:

Sensing the shifts, Protecting the energy, Expanding the energy

WEEK 11: 

Real lifing – manage scenarios:

Big coaching on real life

WEEK 12: 

Finalize your new way:

Declaring intention moving forward, Finding accountability/community, Scheduling a daily practice

Reviews from Women of the spirit Boutique

Everyone found connection and something they didn’t expect

a fun way for me to dive deeper

Eye-opening for me

Petra has been the perfect guide!

“I’ve found clarity and insights so I don’t ‘default’ to the frustrated, upset, or selfish tendencies when I’m in stressful situations that aren’t the true me.”

~Laura Pettit

the Women's Spirit Boutique

12×90 mins workshop-style zoom calls, your boutique guidebook, live support,  soothing healings & meditations & 1-1  wrap up session

You will LOVE the Spirit Boutique!

It was a game-changer for me!

Petra changed my life!

“Mamas, Petra changed my life. You will LOVE the Women’s Spirit Boutique! Maybe your like me and don’t feel much, when you spend time with Petra she gives you a save space to start getting in touch with the feelings you’ve been ignoring. But whether or not you believe you need this you should join her free Put Your Joy First workshop. It was a game-changer for me!”

~Alli McAuley 3
Spirit Runway

In The Women's Spirit Boutique

Coaching Call

 Live Zoom

12 X 90-minute group coaching calls where we spend time going through workshops presented on slides to give you an integrative experience, followed with meditations and Q&A’s.

Live Support

Voxer Access

The possibility for you to reach out to me during the 12 week experience so that you get the most out of your journey and have support along the way, voxer is easy and user friendly.

1-1 Session

Wrap up call

A 1-1 personal call with me reviewing your experience in the Spirit Boutique and bringing deep insight to where you ended up in the journey. I offer you custom tools and ways to keep practicing what you’ve learned.

You know you've needed something!

Are  you feeling a “yes, maybe this could be it!”

Don’t ignore it you’ve got nothing to lose.

I am here for you.