Are you ready to rediscover
who you truly are and reclaim your dream life?
Get the clarity, self-trust, and rituals you need to step into your unshakeable identity and embody the woman you were made to be✨

Feel your value, let your knowing voice be heard.

Introducing the 

Women's Spirit Boutique

Reclaim your unshakable sense of self and embody her everyday

A 12 week boutique private coaching experience to develop a rock solid sense of self and bring steadiness and balance back to your mind, body and soul

For the soul-led, dedicated moms who want to be present for their children and family without sacrificing their identity, sense of self, feminine nature, and unique spirit. 

Find the
REal you

I found the me I don’t always let out

Petra has been the perfect guide

"Petra helped me find the real me. The me I want to be all of the time. The me I really am inside. The me I don't always let out because I've covered her up with responsibility, scarce beliefs, and feeling stressed.

I'm normally a fairly closed person, but I instantly felt at ease with Petra and thoroughly enjoyed talking to her on our calls.

If you want to understand yourself better, what makes you tick, how to break through limiting beliefs, and gain clarity, Petra is your gal. She's knowledgeable, kind, intuitive, and a pleasure to work with.."

~Laura Pettit

You find yourself thinking:

“I’m trying so hard, why does it still feel like such a shit show?”

“I have it all, on paper, so why does it feel like something is missing?”

“Where did my energy, spirit, and zest for life go?”

What happened to me?”

“I want to be good at this, but I can’t take much more.”

“I feel like I’ve blinked and another 5 years have flown by.”

“Am I really making the most of my life?”

Can you relate?

There’s an easier way to reclaim your true identity, power, and inner strength in a way that feels good.

You can’t find your purpose and passion when you’re exhausted and numb inside. Put simply: You can’t be the best version of yourself for the people you love when you don’t even know who that is anymore and how to become it again. You need to get intentional.

You know how the airlines say you need to put your own oxygen mask on before you help others? They were right. You can’t design a fulfilling life if you don’t first know what you wantYou can’t be a guide and role model to others when you’ve lost all sense of yourself. You can’t reach your full potential when you’re already overwhelmed by trying to do your best in survival mode.  

You want to feel like you again

But don’t know how to start.

You’ve landed here after saying to yourself “I need something!”

So did the women in the video below, watch now:

They found themselves

Inside the
Women's Spirit Boutique

See what they each had to say
Women's Spirit Boutique

An intimate 3 month private coaching experience that teaches you how to come alive through the Awareness, Connectedness and Embodiment of your true self

You will learn exactly how to:

💗 Reconnect with and embody your true self, building a strong sense of identity and purpose in life – both inside and outside of the family dynamic

💗Anchor into the calm, grounded, compassionate, solutions-focused, highest version of yourself, no matter what the kids, your partner, or life is throwing your way
💗 Make choices that align with your ideal self and achieve optimal wellness for mind, body and soul
💗 Regulate your nervous system and emotions, with an innate ability to process and release the projections of others so you can respond thoughtfully, not knee-jerk react
💗 Be the best version of you on a day to day basis in a way that feels easy and fun
💗 Identify what you want out of life and who you want to become, for both this season of life and the next, and understand how to get intentional about it

All with the wraparound support, private coaching, and cheerleading you need to make this a life-defining experience for you.

The Women’s Spirit Boutique will teach you to become the best version of you EVEN IF…

🌼You have no idea what’s missing or what you need just yet

🌼You don’t think you have the time for transformational personal growth

🌼You don’t feel like you have an identity outside mom and wife

🌼You’ve tried to work on yourself before using tools like meditation, journaling, or therapy, but nothing seems to shake this feeling

🌼You’ve been having more bad days than good lately, and feel like a failure

Let me ask you a question.

When was the last time you felt completely at peace, full, and alive?

The methodology I teach in the Women’s Spirit Boutique

 will show you how to be whole again without lowering your standards when it comes to being a dedicated mother or a partner. 

Wanting guidance to build yourself back up from the inside out

Ready to grow again as a woman and reignite your inner fire

Feel fulfilled in knowing who you truly are and want you want out of life

Your truest self

And let it be part of your lifestyle

Petra’s a caring and intuitive guide

"I love working with Petra and have experienced so much personal growth from our coaching relationship. She makes the work of connecting with your true self and uncovering the parts out of alignment with who you are and/or who you want to be fun.

Petra’s a caring and intuitive guide. Her meditations are powerful. Together she led me to connect to the energies, feelings and sensations of my truest, highest self. I was able to really feel and embody the truest version of myself.."

~Melissa DeJoseph

Will WSB work for me?

The Program is designed for spiritual women between 35 and 55 who are raising children and want to stop letting the overwhelm of life get in the way of her stepping into her power and achieving her dreams (all without feeling like she’s failing as a mother).

WSB is perfect for you if you know that the little annoyances and chaos of day-to-day life are draining you of your energy and your light, and you’re willing to do the work on yourself to rise above it and tap into the more fun, playful, and meaningful sides of life.

This transformational experience is application only to ensure we are a great fit, and that we can get you real, life changing results.

In just 90 days, you could feel:

🦋 Clarity in your sense of self and overall life direction, with new ways of tapping into your intuition

🦋 Energized again, with your whole vibe overflowing to those around you

🦋 Encouraged do go for your dreams, as you experience unprecedented levels of self trust and confidence

🦋 Intentional and aligned with your life, no longer like it’s slipping away before your eyes

🦋 Present and calm, a role model of emotional regulation and wellbeing

Get ready to feel different

Women's Spirit Boutique
All of this delivered over 3 magical phases together:


AWARENESS: Wake up to who you truly are and your truth, heal the parts of you that need more love, and understand what you need out of life to feel fulfilled.

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CONNECTEDNESS: Connect and fall back in love with your true self, building your intuition, confidence and self-esteem as we go


EMBODIMENT: The rituals, habits, and practices you need to embody the highest version of you and get back into fulfillment.


Hey, I’m Petra! And I know first hand that emotional growth can and will unlock your potentialI help overwhelmed, soul-led moms to connect to their purpose, reclaim their identity, and experience the fullness of who you are. 

I see you because I was you. Exhausted, overwhelmed, and disconnected from
who I truly was following years of self-sacrifice and trying to balance it all. Unhealthy coping mechanisms? I knew them well. Binging Netflix became my escape, and it only further eroded my power. It felt like time was slipping away before my eyes, completely out of my control, and without becoming the woman I knew I could be.

I woke up one day, just shy of my 40th birthday, sick of feeling like I was in the passenger seat of my own life, and said: “screw this.” 
Since giving myself permission to invest in my growth journey and soul connection,  everything changed

Over the past decade, I’ve been around the world learning the most powerful self-awakening tools, from walking on hot coals beside Tony Robbins to visiting a Shaman in Costa Rica and spending over 3000 days in daily meditation. 
From my renewed place of power, I built a successful fitness business, ran yoga retreats, and overcame some of life’s most significant hurdles, all while igniting the practice of being a present and connected Mom of three, as well as a woman with her own identity. 

Now, leveraging my decades of wisdom and gifts spanning the spiritual, wellness, coaching, and psychic realms, I help you to know your true self, step into your power and presence, and create your life in a way that feels intentional and purposeful.

Here’s the thing.

You could keep numbing out, living for wine o’clock, and wondering where the time went.

But for the woman who wants to truly love herself and make the most of her life, numbing out is NOT a sustainable strategy.

So you’re left with two choices.

1. Do your best to avoid your real emotions and stay stuck in a cycle of overwhelm and emptiness

2. Learn to feel it all and move through it by knowing who you are and the powers, life and creativity that comes with it

Spirit Runway

You will LOVE the Spirit Boutique!

It was a game-changer for me!

Petra changed my life!

“Mamas, Petra changed my life. You will LOVE the Women’s Spirit Boutique! Maybe your like me and don’t feel much, when you spend time with Petra she gives you a save space to start getting in touch with the feelings you’ve been ignoring. But whether or not you believe you need this you should join her free Put Your Joy First workshop. It was a game-changer for me!”

~Alli McAuley 3
  • 7 powerful meditations that will allow you to anchor into your highest self every day of the week (worth $197)
  • A custom lookbook of your true self to keep, making the vision tangible and concrete for easy implementation (worth $297)
After years learning from, practicing and embodying the strategies of top-tier spiritual gurus,

I’ve developed this system that will unlock your inner self in record time.

All while feeling seen, heard, and able to safely explore yourself for the first time in years with a coach and guide who will care for you, celebrate you, and make the process fun (sometimes laughter really is the best medicine!).